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UG Team

UG team possess about same vision because we share the same philosophy. The founder of company is key edupreneure who shine in the desire to ease scholars attract with new ideas. Structurally, one in all team working with every wings is in same visonary 24/7 impacting scholars lifes give eguidance to ways in the wind of change fashioning believe system to sway eapplication submissions.The whole is much more than the sum of it’s part. Meet our team!

Executive Management Leadership

Dinesh Paudyal

Founder & ED

Technology researcher and visionary in study abroad techs since 14 years of industry experience. Graduate from Bangalore University, India

Suraj Sharma


Management expert and idol since 8 years of experience in senior management roles. Graduate from Bangalore University, India

Alex Jain


Marketing & sales expert since 6 years of experience in senior marketing and sales roles. Graduate from VTU Bangalore, India

Biswas Poudel


Technology expert with more than 10 years experience in software design and development . Graduate from Bangalore University, India

Durga Dhakal


Accounts and financial expert with more than 6 years experience in accounting and finance sector. Graduate from Tribhuwan University, Nepal

Zeena Thapa


Communication and legal expert with 5 years experience in this communication and legal sector.Graduate from Tribhuwan University, Nepal

Advisory Team Leadership

Dr. Bhoj Raj Koirala

Advisory Management

Former Secretary, Education Ministry, Nepal

Ganga Paudyal

Advisory Admissions

Former Registar, Tribhuwan University, Nepal