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Australia Universities Ranking List 2024

UG had ranked 50 universities and top 20 course from all territory of Australia. We had done our R&D on universities by our expert team and the review from the current students studying in destination country with their survey results and reviews to publish this rankings.

Ranking Method

Ranking Indicators

UGSC Top 10 Ranked Institutions

Top 50 RankUniversity NameUG Star Rating Low Cost Rank Employability RankUGSC Apply Recommend (%)Top 20 Course Rank
1Australian National University★★★★★5576%2 (Course- MBA)
2 University of Melbourne ★★★★★8456%5 (Course Hospitality)
3 University of Sydney★★★★★7988%8
4 University of Queens Land★★★★★3155%3 (Course IT)
5 UNSW Sydney★★★★★6889%7
6 Monash University★★★★★1367%4 (Course IT)
7 The University Of Western Australia★★★★21654%9
8 The University Of Adeliade★★★★151056%11
9 University of Technology Sydney ★★★★121169%15
10 University Of Wollongong★★★★★131745%6
*Note: Data is produced by UGSC- UG also referred to global industry datas sharing program & experts.