“Institution’s Needs”
  “Student’s Needs”
  “Agent’s Needs”
     By EdTechs'.

UG Story - "Industry Vetrans Change Makers Inspire eWays Reach Automate Study Abroad Solutions In-Country."

UG always reckon digital transforms solution to perform native study abroad education industry to next level of electronic age insights. UG belived and make it happened to provision "Open In-Country Study Abroad eGuide Web Platform" our every native scholars get prepared with top knowledge thru this native dais and can also entree our eletronic application platform "LetseApply" to match and apply as an admissible oppurtinity to estart self realtime process. UG in now in a journey inspire eways to study abroad circle in every possible ways instanter as native students and industry privilige to information era.

UG aimed to operate in-country web dais as edata centre where scholars are guided, managed & placed in a process another way. UG also fabricated study abroad need based edtechs to complete the entire study process management task another way.

UG 3 Aims

Core Ideology Being eGuide

"1. Students - Lead Native Students Reach ; eEnrolls
2. Native Agents - Leads Growth Manage; Automate
3. Institutions - In Country Leads ROI Another Way; By EdTechs"

UG Students eCentre

UGSC- Study Abroad Key eGuides With Doors To Reach eEnroll Platform & Find In Country Leads Process Management Techs Dais.

"UG Student Center" UGSC is ideal Centre, operated by a dedicated expert on student recruitment by digital capabilities. UG molded these eguides & key doors make it happen to twinkle in the digital innate commerce. All parts are the crucial to student curiosity guide in study abroad intelligence in one place for student’s groups. UGSC EdTechs'can provide each individual with neat information outlining their study need. UGSC resolve being dais to leads highlighting billboards . UG “Big Data Centre” generated by UGSC of our native students in country interest & by popular online portals are meze with our AI Tech. UG create data of our students we want to touch thru tech. The whole "eBlogs" is very informative and effective idyllic focus for our native students. Visitor trafics insights can me monitored by EBPMs & Lead Generate Platforms pre-screening AI Data Tech enable us to provide leads to convert.

How we work?

UG Working Ideology Is Very Simple UG 3 Aims EdTech Solutions - Process To Reach UG EdTech eEnroll Platform LetseApply, eData Centre Manages Leads Data For Circle Agents & In Country Approach Task Process Management For Institutions Thru Noble EdTechs.

UG present global institutions info as eguide for our native students. Students reach our guides for their study abroad interest.UG guide them to use UG eEnroll plarform with noble whole process ownself. During this leads journey we operate with AI Tech to collect leads data for various purposes to give reach to our native students to top guide choose their abroad study another way. UG manage, promote native leads in a process thru EdTechs. Native agents & Instutions can benefits UG data management differenly to their sales funnel remotely. UG breed leads and conversion thru EdTechs differently. UG make reach students thru "UGSC-eStudents Center to eEnrollment to their desired institutions with entire native support. UG gives in country leads growth and find leads that you never know you had from UG LetsEnroll software to native agents. UG manages institutions country approach process managenet thru UG LetsWork EBPMs process management software. UG EdTechs features are mentioned for details.

University Guide

EBPM Software-LetsWork

  • EdBusiness Process Management Model
  • EdMarketing & Branding Model
  • EdAgents Management Model


University Guide

Leads Software-LetsEnroll

  • AI Analysis, Search Behaviour Add Flow Tools
  • Multi Data Manager, Real Time Flag Platform
  • Auto Assign,Trigger Assistant, Leads Focus Tools



Active education management technology company, aimed services by study abroad eguide give leads to reach our electronic erollment platforms, share trafics transform to data centre analyze in lead generation platform, automation in institutions national promotions management concern by edtech.


Our actions and relationships are based on honesty, authenticity, accountability, and trust. Achieving diversity within our staff helps increase mutual understanding of our world and its people. Working together creates better results by tapping into our collective wisdom. Our simple actions reflect on ourselves and our partners. We act and communicate with courtesy, respect and discretion.

University Guide

Area of Work

UG control our branches in two major cities primarily, working as solo team with best common marketing and training strengths from head office, developing new goal to them reach our target markets using tech' and tools we had fabricated, we will be able to achieve our set out aims furnish very simply. We are planning to inflate our network in other major cities fundamentally for institution’s tech' based promotions to our whole dedications. Physically with 7 provinces and their capitals, lack of quality education tech' and presence of some universities only to meet student’s aspiration is one driving factor that forces students and agents to explore overseas education widely thru tech; it is this thirst for education that has had made this small mountain kingdom an appealing student recruitment destination for universities across the globe.